Pico Propane & Fuels

Avgas and Small Aviation Craft Fuels

Pico Propane & Fuels offers a reliable supply of high-performance avgas to serve our local aviation consumers. Private pilots, airports, flight training schools, flying clubs, and commercial aviation companies rely on our fuel to keep small aircraft flying all over Texas. Our most common Avgas grades are 100 and 100LL low lead.

Fuel Delivery

We have a professional and courteous team of schedulers and drivers to ensure you always have the products you need. Our fuel deliveries can be set up one of three ways:

  • Customer Call-In – Allow 24 to 48 hours for delivery
  • Route/Keep Full Basis – PICO will automatically fill tanks when they are in customers area as set up with customer on frequency
  • Tank Monitors – For customers with PICO-installed tank monitors on location, a PICO representative will call the customer and inform them of when they need a delivery.

We take pride in servicing our commercial, agriculture and oil field accounts. Contact a Pico Propane & Fuels representative to learn more today.