Learning About Biodiesel Fuels And Blends

Written on: May 20, 2021

Pico Propane Can Support Business With These Cleaner, Greener Fuels!

biodiesel supplier texasDiesel fuels are an essential fuel in many industries. Buses, commercial trucks, tractors, and several types of equipment run on diesel. It helps amidst the construction of buildings, movement of goods, paving of roads, as well as an assortment of jobs done on farms, oil refineries, and more!

But diesel can have some detrimental effects. Environmentally, it contributes to ground-level ozone, acid rain, greenhouse gases, and other hazards. Regular exposure to diesel exhaust can also cause various health problems such as asthma and can worsen heart or lung disease, especially in children and the elderly.

While environmental standards have led to diesel engines that are much cleaner-burning, older diesel engines are still out on the job thanks to their longevity.

But biodiesels and their blends with petroleum diesels are making big changes in the world of diesel fuels. Pico Propane provides reliable delivery of biodiesels and blends for business all over Texas and Southeastern New Mexico!

What Are Biodiesel Fuels?

Biodiesels are made with renewable, environmentally friendly resources including plant oils (most rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, corn, and palm), recycled restaurant cooking oils and grease, animal fats, and algae.

What Are Biodiesel Blends?

These blends are biodiesels blended with petroleum diesels to create a cleaner-burning, more environmentally friendly fuel.

There are different amounts of biodiesel added to different blends. One of the most common blends is B20. Its name comes from “B” for biodiesel, and “20” is the 20% biodiesel in the blend. B5 would be a blend containing 5% biodiesel.

What Are The Advantages Of These Biodiesel Blends?

Biodiesel blends can dramatically reduce emissions, making it better for the environment and public health.

The B20 biodiesel blend is popular because for many applications it hits the sweet spot for cost-effectiveness, reduced emissions, reliable performance in cold weather—something we in Texas are now no longer strangers to—and ability to be used without engine modifications. In the northern United States, where many homes are heated with heating oil, biodiesels are blended with ultra-low sulfur heating oil. This blend is commonly called Bioheat®, with some blends containing 40% or higher amounts of biodiesels.

Another advantage biodiesel blends offer is how much better it is for engines, vehicles, and equipment. The biodiesel blends burn cleaner and offer better lubricity than petroleum diesel. That means there is less wear on engines. Your fleet vehicles and equipment will need less maintenance and fewer repairs and may also have a longer life expectancy on return.

Your business may also qualify for incentives and tax exemptions for using biodiesel blends!

Interested in using biodiesel fuels and blends in your business’s fleet? We’ll get to work for you. Our commercial fuels experts will go over how you’ll be using blended biodiesel and set up a delivery schedule designed specifically for your business needs. We also expertly and safely install and service tanks and offer wireless tank monitoring as well!

Contact Pico Propane & Fuels to learn more about what our blended biodiesel can do for your business!