Why Are Propane Tanks Always Colored White?

Written on: August 23, 2021

Learn Why All Propane Tanks Share Similar Color Traits—Plus a Few Propane Safety Tips

propane tank color texas

Propane has an outstanding safety record, thanks to high industry standards, strong government regulation, and the dedication of propane suppliers like Pico Propane.

That doesn’t take away any responsibility on the end-user, however. If you don’t know how to use or handle propane safely, there can be potential risks or hazards involved. Therefore we’ve put together some important information and tips, so you understand the proper ways to enjoy all the benefits propane can provide for your home or local business.

NEVER Paint or Alter Propane Tanks To Be a Darker Color

If you’ve ever had the urge to paint your propane tank a darker color to help it blend in with your home, your landscaping, or to otherwise just be creative…DON’T DO IT. Propane tanks are painted lighter colors like white or beige specifically for your safety. Propane gas expands rapidly in heat, so the lighter color of the tank reflects some of that heat away to prevent it from expanding to a dangerous level. If a propane tank is painted a dark color, it will absorb heat. This heat can make the propane inside expand dangerously high, posing a safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

Speaking of expansion, your propane tank should be no more than 80% full at any given time. The empty space allows the gas inside your tank to expand safely when it is heated passively by warmer weather, for example.

Protect Yourself in Bad Weather

Propane can be an outstanding resource when dealing with summer or winter storms. Having your fuel supply on your property means you don’t have to depend on ERCOT in the midst of a power outage scenario.

A propane whole-house backup generator helps to keepsyour home safe and comfortable during power outages.

Knowing how to use propane safely is essential in bad weather. Inspect your gas main and make sure all adults in the home know how to turn off the main supply valve. This protects against a damaged tank leaking or other hazards. You also must turn off the supply valve if you need to evacuate your home in case of an emergency.

Similarly, don’t ever use propane outdoor appliances like grills and portable generators indoors. This can lead to a dangerous and potentially deadly buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

Practice Safe Habits When Grilling

You can’t beat propane for ease and convenience when it comes to grilling! Here are some tips to follow to ensure your cookout doesn’t end on a bad note:

You can trust Pico Propane with safe propane delivery, propane tank installation, and propane appliance installation. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make for your Texas or New Mexico home or business!