Comparing Full-service Propane vs. Discount Dealers

Written on: August 8, 2022

Learn Why Low Prices Don’t Equal Great Values

fuel company texasThese days, we know folks near and far are looking for the best deals possible whenever, and wherever, they can. Shopping around is important! For some purchases, a great deal can mean the lowest cost. But there’s more to good value than price—especially when it comes to your home comfort and your family.

The Values of a Full-Service Propane Company

We’ve seen it plenty of times. Folks who opted for a propane dealer with rock-bottom prices thought they could have it both ways…saving money without putting their comfort at risk. Then they find their discount company isn’t even answering the phone, can’t make a delivery for a week, or can’t get in at a convenient time to perform maintenance or repairs. 

Suddenly that “great deal” doesn’t seem so great. So please think hard about whether saving 10 or 20 cents a gallon is worth all you give up by not having a company you can feel completely confident about.

In fact, here’s a primer on how Pico stacks up against the discount dealers:

Pico Propane and Fuels Discount Dealers
24/7 Emergency Service We’re always here for you when you need us—morning, afternoon, or night. You can leave a message anytime. Here’s hoping you get a call back!
Automatic Delivery Service Customers love our Keep-Full service. It makes things super easy for both of us! No. Be sure to watch your tank and call ahead so you don’t run out.
Wireless Tank Monitoring Service Yes. No.
Equipment Installations Yes. We offer safe, expert installation and repairs from our trained, in-house service technicians—plus a showroom of products. Nope. Maybe they can refer you to someone if they’re nice enough.
Trained and Insured Yes. Maybe?
Credit Terms Yes. No.
24-hour Account Access Yes—a full-service website with a secure customer portal. Plus, we even have our own mobile app! Probably a generic home page with minimal info.

Trust Your Home Comfort Needs to the Pros at Pico!

Value isn’t just about low prices—it’s about what you get for your money. When you’re looking for a propane provider for your home or business, you want a company that puts customers first. That means offering fair, transparent pricing, but it also means offering real value and true reliability, with products and services designed to make your life easier.

Pico Propane and Fuels has been dedicated to prompt, reliable, courteous service, and the best quality of fuels for our customers throughout Texas and New Mexico since 1986. Contact us today to learn more and become a customer today. We’re the company you keep for life!