Propane Cylinder Exchanges Vs. Refills

Written on: February 8, 2021

Which One Is Right For Me?

grill tank refill texas

Many people immediately associate propane cylinder with grills. And—let’s face it—propane is great for grilling. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and involves a lot less work and mess than using charcoal counterparts.

But propane cylinders can do so much more than that! Folks within our Pico Propane service area, from East Texas to Central New Mexico, use propane cylinders in a variety of sizes and a variety of ways:

No matter how you choose to utilize your propane cylinders, you’re going to eventually need more propane. And that brings up a question: Should you refill your propane cylinder or exchange it for a full one?

The good news is you can do EITHER one at our 10 propane refill stations and bottle docks! But if you’re not sure which way you should go, we have some information to help you easier decide.

Advantages Of Refilling Your Propane Cylinder

Do you own your propane cylinder? Choosing to refill it once it empties can save you a good bit of money over time.

The cost of the propane can be much lower when you refill compared with exchanging. How much lower? Try up to $1.75 a gallon! If you use your propane cylinder frequently—or have multiple cylinders—that can lead to some big savings.

You also further save by paying only for the propane you use. Think about when you see your propane cylinder is running low—for example, low enough where you don’t have enough to grill a meal. If you use a propane cylinder exchange, you’re charged for propane left in the tank when you take it to be exchanged.

When you refill your propane tank, you keep that propane and only have to buy propane to fill the rest of your cylinder. You could, over time, prevent you from “throwing away” enough gas to fill a whole new cylinder in itself!

Additionally, if your propane cylinder is more than 12 years old, we can inspect and recertify it so it can continue to be refilled. Should we deem it to be in poor condition, we can swap it for a full—safe—new cylinder.

Advantages of Propane Cylinder Exchanges

When you need a full propane cylinder, you don’t want to be driving around further than you have to looking for a refill station, so finding cylinder exchanges at your local gas stations and convenience stores tends to be easier.

The tanks here are assured to be regularly inspected, so you’ll know that the tank you pick up has a lot of life left and has been checked for any issues prior to your intended usage. However, what you gain in convenience may hurt your wallet—as the average price per gallon tends to be $5-6 vs. $3-4 per gallon when you refill your existing tank.

Have questions about our propane cylinder services? Get in touch with us today. Pico Propane and Fuels is standing by ready to help with any of your propane needs.