Installing a New Gas Appliance is Not a DIY Job

Written on: January 16, 2023

For Quality Installations…Call the Professionals at Pico!

gas appliance installation texas You may be able to install your new ultra-HD smart TV without the help of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. You may be able to restore the engine on a ’77 Pontiac Firebird. You may be a whiz at fixing a dripping faucet. But when it comes to gas appliance installation, unless you’re a licensed technician, this is NOT a project to show off your DIY skills.

Here’s why you should always call a professional to install propane systems and appliances in your home.

Safety is the Top Priority

Safety is the main reason to hire a professional to install a gas appliance in your home. Improper installation of equipment can result in a propane leak, amongst other issues.

While propane is extremely safe, it’s a highly flammable gas under certain conditions. In the case of a leak, gas can accumulate in enclosed areas and any spark could set it off. Sparks can be caused by tools on metal, as well as flipping switches, lighting matches, using the phone, thermostats, or appliances.

Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do when they smell gas.

Gas Appliances Are Not “Plug-and-Play” Devices

Even if you are replacing an existing gas appliance, installation is not as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. The appliance may require the installation of a new vent pipe or flue or connection to an existing one.

Furthermore, proper ventilation is essential for safety, and there are specific codes for venting different appliances in different environments. Improper venting can result in poor performance as well as the potential for deadly carbon monoxide buildup.

Pressurized Systems Require Caution and Care

If the appliance is new to the home, a pipeline will need to be fitted or extended to accommodate the new item. This is a job for a professional who understands the way propane systems work.

The propane in your tank is highly pressurized, and your system uses a regulator to decrease the pressure as it enters your home. The pressure settings are different for natural gas than for propane and when the regulator is set incorrectly, it can lead to a gas leak. That’s true whether the pressure is too high or too low. The problems that result when pressure is too low are why we are required to do a pressure test after you have a runout.

In addition to moderating the pressure, the regulator helps maintain the correct ratio of propane and air to burn correctly. Modifications or repairs performed by a nonprofessional can result in the wrong ratios. When appliances are burning propane incorrectly, they can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

The Bottom Line: Call the Professionals at Pico for Your Gas System Repairs!

A DIY repair job could void your warranty—or even your insurance. In some cases, installation work done without a license could even be deemed illegal. That could cost you a lot more than whatever you think you might be saving by trying to install a new appliance yourself.

Our team of in-house technicians is trained and licensed to install all types of propane appliances and equipment safely and correctly. We’re here for you with quality workmanship and transparent and fair pricing.

Whether you need a system installation or safe and dependable propane delivery, contact the professionals at Pico Propane and Fuels today.