Be Safe When Barbecuing This Season!

Written on: April 19, 2021

Follow These Propane Safety Tips When Using Your Propane Grill

grilling safety texasIf you use propane for grilling at your home, you’re probably already familiar with all of the benefits and advantages it offers.

For example, after a long day, you want an easy dinner. A propane grill can give you exactly that! Just turn on your propane grill and it will be ready in minutes, not like the almost half-hour or so you have to wait before a charcoal grill is ready to use. After dinner, just do a quick cleaning of the grates, then turn off the grill and the propane. Done! No mess of ashes to deal with.

When you’re hosting a cookout, propane grills let you cook lots of different kinds of food quickly and easily thanks to instant, precise temperature control you’ll never get with charcoal.

However, it’s of utmost importance that you know how to use propane grills and propane cylinders correctly and safely. Let’s detail some of the ins and outs here:

Space Your Grill Accordingly

Distancing isn’t just for people. Propane grills need a clear space around them.

They need to be kept away from anything combustible like fences, deck railings, siding, and materials that emit combustible fumes, such as paint or other finishing product.

Your grill must be at least three feet from all doors and windows on your home, and 10 feet or more from any air intake device. This is to reduce the risk of propane vapor getting into your home.

Keep children and pets at least three feet away from outdoor propane equipment that is in use as well.

Store Propane Cylinders Properly

You can your propane cylinder refilled, or exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, at any of our propane cylinder refill and exchange locations.

Many folks like to have a spare propane cylinder or two on hand as well. But you need to store them correctly. ALWAYS store them upright and keep them outdoors. NEVER store cylinders indoors, or in the garage, carport, shed, or sunporch.

When you are transporting cylinders for refill or exchange, keep them upright and secure during transit. It is easier for propane to leak out of the cylinder when the cylinder is on its side. It’s best to make this a quick trip, especially in warm or hot weather. And please don’t leave cylinders in the car unattended.

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