How To Convert to Propane

Written on: November 7, 2022

Understanding How to Convert from Oil or Electric…to Propane Gas

propane conversion texas Electricity is essential for a lot of things in your home. That includes necessities like lights, refrigerators, computers, televisions, and phones. But with an unreliable grid and increasingly unpredictable weather, it’s might not be such a great choice for heating your Texas home—especially with unpredictable winter seasons of years past. Natural gas is an option, but the infrastructure isn’t there in terms of capacity—and that’s if you are living someplace you can connect to natural gas in the first place.

These reasons are why so many homeowners are asking about how easy—and feasible—it is to convert to propane. After all, clean-burning propane is an affordable fuel that can keep your home comfortable plus power a range of appliances, while helping you keep energy costs better under control.

What’s more, when you convert to propane, it can actually be quite easy. The average conversion takes about two days, with little disruption to your life or comfort.

Here’s what you need to know:

Determine the Size of Your Propane Tank(s)

Converting your home to propane, for heat or any other appliances, requires a propane storage tank on your property. To know what size tank you need, you need to know how you will use your propane. Is it just for cooking? Or will it be for heating water, heating your home, and more? There are a lot of variables to consider, but the pros at Pico Propane and Fuels are here to help you take the guesswork out of calculating the best-size tank for your needs.

To start off, most residential tanks typically range from 100 gallons to 500 gallons. From there, you also need to consider whether you want an aboveground or underground tank. There are advantages to both:

Whichever option is best for you, we can ensure the installation process is handled safely and easily. Plus, when you lease a propane tank from us, the maintenance is our job! You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Adding or Converting In-Home Appliances

If you want to heat your home with propane, you’ll need a propane furnace. But the great thing about propane is that it’s excellent for all kinds of other appliances that involve heat, too! A propane water heater, for example, will save you about 30 percent on your energy bills compared to an electric water heater while providing much faster recovery times. You’ll save even more energy when you choose a tankless propane water heater. Multiply those savings when you use propane for dishwashing and laundry.

Propane is also the top pick for chefs—and we don’t just mean grill masters. A gas range gives you the precise control that professional cooks demand.

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We make converting a home to propane a straightforward, easy process that will leave you with lower energy bills and support a cleaner environment. Give us a call today and we can answer all your questions, plus provide dependable propane delivery and service in the seasons to come from the #1 propane company trusted by customers throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Enjoy a warm, comfortable winter season with the help of propane…and Pico! Contact us today for more information.