How Agricultural Businesses Rely on Propane

Written on: June 13, 2022

The Benefits of Using Propane on Your Farm

propane farm delivery texasThere’s a lot to comprehend when getting familiar with the wide array of agricultural businesses of the greater southwest. Cattle ranching, produce, and nurseries for trees and plants are big parts of the local economy, and propane is a vital element to make farms run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Propane Is Energy Efficient

Right now, everyone is feeling the sting of higher energy costs, especially agriculture-based businesses. But farmers and ranchers are embracing propane because it’s energy efficient—which means more bang for the buck when it comes to all kinds of operations. When compared to electricity or alternative fuels, you’ll see lower fuel costs with propane-powered irrigation engines. These are well known for delivering both high horsepower and low emissions.

Additionally, crop drying with propane offers such highly efficient performance that you’ll make the most of your profit potential while minimizing any crop loss. Here are just a few of the ways it can help you save:

Propane Is Incredibly Versatile

Propane has many uses on the farm. Whether you are growing crops or raising livestock, propane can work for you in many ways:

Ultimately, propane is a smart choice for your modern farm as it is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, clean, and portable fuel. Propane does not degrade over time, either, and it won’t contaminate your soil or water, which you would see with gasoline or diesel if it spills. 

Partner With Pico To Help Your Agricultural Business Thrive!

If you want to learn more about how propane can help fuel your agricultural business, contact the pros at Pico Propane and Fuels. For close to three decades, we’ve been partnering with local agricultural businesses of all sizes throughout Texas and New Mexico to help them maximize efficiency, logistics, and savings. We look forward to helping you, too.