Are Propane Forklifts Harder to Operate?

Written on: December 4, 2023

All the Reasons These Workhorses Make Your Job Easier

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If you’re used to handling all your heavy lifting and moving work with a diesel-powered forklift, you may think doing the same jobs with a propane forklift will be less effective or efficient. Just because you don’t use a nozzle and hose to fuel them doesn’t mean a propane forklift isn’t just as much of a bulldog when it comes to the heavy work.

In fact, you might be surprised to find that propane-powered forklifts will save you time as well as money, while performing as well or better than the other options, like diesel or electric.

Operating Power

When it comes to operating a propane forklift compared to any other type, you’ll find there’s little difference. All require a bit of skill—but they handle similarly. What’s more, they operate at 100% power as long as there’s propane in the tank—just like a diesel forklift, but unlike an electric forklift, which loses power as you use it.

Propane-powered forklifts also perform better at handling heavier loads and are more capable when it comes to inclines, particularly compared to electric forklifts.

Minimal Downtime

Recharging an electric forklift takes about 8 hours. Refueling a diesel forklift can take a half an hour (or more) depending on where your fueling station is. Replacing the cylinder on a propane forklift takes about five minutes. All your employees have to do is replace the empty cylinder with a full one, and the forklift is back on the job.

Multiple Benefits of Propane Power

Safe: Propane forklifts are safe to use both indoors and outside. Diesel-powered forklifts cannot be operated indoors, and electric forklifts are inefficient outdoors and can’t operate in wet conditions. That’s why the best option for top performance indoors or out is a propane forklift!

Environmentally friendly: Propane forklifts emit dramatically fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered forklifts. In the rare event of a propane leak, there’s no environmental damage. Meanwhile, about 40% of the country’s electricity generation comes from coal-fired power plants, making electric forklifts not as green as people may think they are.

Convenient: With our cylinder exchange program, you have full cylinders on-site and ready to go. Our pros will meet with you to evaluate your needs and develop a customized program, then set you up with sturdy, safe storage cages for your cylinders. We’ll thoroughly train your workers in the safe handling of propane cylinders. And you’ll always have the cylinders you need, when you need them.

Versatile: If you use forklifts, you probably use other equipment that can run off propane cylinders. Propane can be used to power a wide range of equipment, including welding equipment, commercial mowers, asphalt heaters, concrete grinders, pressure washers, and small cranes. Propane can also be used for a wide variety of agricultural applications, including crop warming and drying, weed control, and more.

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