What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

Written on: January 21, 2021

Find The Right Size For Your Home Or Business!

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Propane tanks are not one-size-fits-all. There are a multitude of different options available whether you’re using propane in your home or at your business—and that’s just the beginning!

There are several factors that go into knowing what size propane tank is the right one to meet your specific needs. That’s why you should trust Pico Propane—we have decades of experience and knowledge that help you choose the correct size propane tank.

Here’s a rundown of propane tank sizes we offer—and what needs they meet for your home or business.

20- to 100-pound tanks. These are portable tanks or cylinders, as opposed to the larger tanks that are fixed to one spot. They are most commonly used for grills, outdoor propane appliances like firepits, camp stoves, deck and patio heaters, and portable generators. They can also be used in RVs for heating, cooking, water heating, and power for refrigeration.

Commercially, they can run commercial mowers, temporary heating equipment, forklifts, and more.

60-gallon tanks. This size tank is used for small propane appliances such as a space heater. It is not large enough for frequently used appliances like a range or water heater, however.

120-gallon tanks. Do you use propane for cooking, water heating, clothes drying, or a fireplace? You need a tank of at least this size. But, it cannot be used for whole-house heating.

250-gallon tanks. If you use three or more propane appliances, you’re going to need a tank at least this size. If you have a small, single-story house, it may be enough for whole-house heating. Your Pico propane tank expert can help make sure if it is.

320- to 500-gallon tanks. Heating your home with propane is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. These size tanks are made for whole-house heating.

Commercially, a 500-gallon tank can be used for heating—depending on the size of your space—cooking, and some agricultural uses like water heating, and heating barns and even greenhouses.

1,000-gallon tanks. These tanks are largely used in commercial applications for everything from interior heating to fleet fueling, as well as cooking for restaurants and commercial kitchens. If you own home with a large footprint and use propane for heating, cooking, water heating—as well as additional supplemental pieces such as pool and spa heating—this size tank might be your best option.

We’re The Tank Installation Professionals

Leasing your propane tank from Pico Propane & Fuels is easy! Once we get you situated with the perfect tank size—you can leave all of that work to us! We handle the installation and any future maintenance, which means you can be assured that your propane tank is always safe and in good working order.

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