Propane Service, Delivery & Installation in Weslaco, Texas and Nearby Communities

South Texas relies on Pico Propane and Fuels to get the job done!

More and more of your neighbors here in Weslaco, TX are becoming part of the family of satisfied Pico Propane and Fuels customers.

Why? They love our personalized, responsive service and local, reliable delivery!

Customers can choose between Keep-Full automatic propane delivery, or 1-2 day Will Call propane delivery. We keep our pricing fair, competitive, and transparent. One flat rate, no hidden fees, no bait-and-switch. And we safely and install propane tanks to meet all safety regulations and standards and plus offer hassle-free propane tank leasing.

Enroll in our available wireless tank monitoring service—it’s super easy!

Want additional peace of mind? Utilize our wireless propane tank monitoring, too!

  • Quick & Easy installation: All equipment is installed outdoors, so it’s completely contactless—you don’t even need to be home!
  • Advanced Cellular Technology: A radio signal triggers an alarm at our facilities when the tank reaches refill levels. You can even track your levels 24/7 via a mobile app!
  • Priority Scheduling: You’ll be at the top of the delivery list, with no more will-call hassles!

Need a propane cylinder refill? Visit our local bottle dock today.

If you need propane for your grill, RV, camp stove, portable generator, firepit, or other outdoor propane appliances, stop by our Weslaco office! During regular business hours, we’ll provide a quick and easy fill-up of your cylinder or exchange your empty cylinder for a full one at our bottle dock!

We provide commercial fueling solutions, too.

Located along the U.S.– Mexico border, the economy is Weslaco is focused on international trade, tourism, health care, and retail.

An estimated 40 million visits are made from Mexico residents to Weslaco each year, for shopping, vacations, and short visits. Trade coming and going across the border also supports local businesses like filling stations, restaurants, and hotels, too.

With our abundant propane and commercial fuels supply, and knowledgeable commercial fuels experts, Pico can take care of all your fuel needs!

Our Services Include:

truckResidential Propane Delivery: We cover a large area and can easily get propane to you when you need it, with customized and responsive delivery!
tankTank Installs: Whether you need a tank for propane, gasoline, diesel, or biodiesel, our technicians have got you covered. We offer FREE tank swaps on your existing lines!
fuelFuels & Wholesale Supply: When you need gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, or aviation fuel, we are there for you with high-quality products, competitive pricing, and dependable delivery.

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Pico Propane and Fuels

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Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Cameron, Kenedy & Willacy Counties count on Pico for their propane services.

Welcome to South Texas—specifically, welcome to Weslaco! This area was part of the Llano Grande land grant to Juan José Ynojosa de Ballí in 1790, and his descendants maintained ownership of the land through the mid-19th century. The city gets its name from the W. E. Stewart Land Company, which bought the land where the city is now in 1917.

Professional boxers Roberto Garcia and Omar Figueroa Jr., both of whom held world titles, are from Weslaco.

The Estero Llano Grande State Park is home to one of nine World Birding Center sites, and visitors can see birds such as Altimira Orioles, Green Jays, and White-tipped Doves. You can also see Alligator Lake, home to a few American Alligators!

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