Gasoline Delivery, Fleet Fueling, and Supply for Texas & New Mexico Businesses

Pico can supply E10, blended products, unleaded fuels, and more.

gasolineWhether your business is in southeastern New Mexico, or anywhere across our Texas service area, if you need gasoline delivery services, Pico Propane and Fuels is the company you can trust.

What kind of businesses utilize the gasoline delivery services from Pico Propane and Fuels? A range as wide and diverse as our service area:

We also supply non-ethanol gasoline for use in small-engine equipment such as lawn mowers, lawn care equipment such as leaf blowers and trimmers, generators, and concrete mixers.

Count on Pico to support all your fleet fueling needs—no matter what type of gasoline you need.

We have an abundant supply of E10 Gasoline (commonly referred to as “gasohol”) which is a blended product made up of 10% ethanol (usually corn or another plant-based derivative) and 90% gasoline. Many consumers prefer a blended product as it can deliver a slight increase in gas mileage (3-4%). Plus, the use of ethanol reduces the dependence on foreign sources of oil and it has been shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, too!

We also offer quality conventional unleaded gasoline with 87 Octane for its customers all over Texas!

Does your business require on-site fueling services? We can help.

When your business needs gasoline, you need to know that you will get it. That is one of the ways Pico Propane and Fuels stands out from other gasoline-delivery companies. We’ve been serving businesses like yours for more than 30 years!

Our reliability is unmatched. And we offer much more than that!

You get personal, and personalized, service. Our commercial fuels experts will take a deep dive into your gasoline needs and set up a delivery schedule that will give you peace of mind. We offer fair, transparent pricing, so you don’t get any surprises. We can also safely and expertly install quality gasoline tanks, which means that you can experience the difference of having on-site fleet fueling. With fleet fueling, your employees will be able to spend more time focusing on the job and less time finding a gas station.

The professionals at Pico Propane and Fuels are ready to make sure your business has the gasoline it needs. Contact us today to get started.