Propane Fireplaces, Gas Logs, and Hearth Products in Texas & New Mexico

Pico can keep your home comfortable and warm with ease and convenience.

propane fireplace and hearthsAs we’ve seen here over the recent years, winter days (and nights) can get a little nippy, even in southern Texas!

In January, high temperatures might only reach the high 50s. And at night, the low temperature can plummet below freezing.

When those days come, there’s nothing like the warm, easy comfort of a propane fireplace or hearth. Pico Propane and Fuels offers a wide range of attractive propane fireplaces and propane hearth products. And we’ll make sure you can get the right one for your home!

What’re some of the advantages of a propane powered fireplace?

Does your home come with a fireplace? If not, adding a traditional masonry fireplace can cost a big chunk of change. The price tag can run as high as $30,000, depending on materials and any other issues that may arise.

And while construction is happening, you’re going to be dealing with weeks of workers in your home, dust and debris—in other words, a big mess.

Propane fireplaces can be installed in less than a day, with none of that mess or upheaval. It’ll also be pennies on the dollar compared with building a masonry fireplace into your home—and that’s just the beginning of the benefits of propane fireplaces!

You don’t have to deal with bringing in wood, building a fire, or cleaning up ashes and soot. Just push a button or flick a switch, and you have fire! And your propane fireplace turns off just as easily.

If you have an existing masonry fireplace but want the convenience that propane fireplaces offer, we can install a propane gas fireplace insert. We’ll help you choose one that’s right for your residence, tailored to your style preference! From modern see-through and vent-free fireplaces to traditional styles and inserts, you can enjoy a warm, inviting fire anytime you like. What’s better? You can rest easy knowing we’ll always have you covered.

And don’t forget, with Pico Propane and Fuels, you’ll get reliable propane delivery, so you’ll always have the fuel for a comfy fire in your fireplace when you want one!

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