How Propane Benefits New Construction And Contractors

Written on: May 10, 2021

Put Propane To Work For Your business!

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With the COVID-19 pandemic beginning to subside here in the United States, there is expected to be a surge in residential construction.

In April, Reuters reported that housing starts are at their highest level in 15 years! Home starts in some areas of Texas are up by as much as 40%. One survey reported that younger consumers are planning to spend more on home improvement and renovation projects this year, as they’ve discovered the benefits of a comfortable home after being stuck there for so long in 2020.

This presents opportunities for home builders and renovation companies like yours. Using propane in your projects can help you gain a competitive edge over your competition and provides other benefits as well!

The Propane Energy Pod makes building or remodeling a home with propane easy! By merging five applications of propane into one integrated energy package for the whole house, you’ll build more efficiently while offering home buyers and homeowners the features they want!

The five ways propane is used in the Propane Energy Pod are:

These increase a home’s energy efficiency while adding features that homebuyers and homeowners want, such as gas cooking, easy and energy-efficient comfort, and an enhanced quality of life both indoors and out!

Homebuilders can be rewarded for using propane in the homes they build. The Propane Construction Incentive Program, from the Propane Education and Research Council, provides incentives of up to $7,500 a year to residential construction businesses that build homes with propane or propane appliances.

Propane Can Do That … And More!

Beyond those benefits, propane can be used by your business to make your work more efficient and cost-effective, helping you to minimize costs so you can maximize profits.

Propane temporary heating keeps jobsites running and your workers safe while protecting work such as stucco, plaster, paint, concrete, and plumbing from the effects of cold temperatures.

Forklifts that run on propane are a better option than electric or gasoline forklifts. They don’t need hours to recharge like electric forklifts, and their extremely low emissions allow them to be operated indoors and in enclosed areas, places gasoline forklifts cannot go.

Pico provides reliable bulk propane delivery to your business or jobsite and offers volume discounts. We safely and expertly install propane tanks. Our wireless propane tank monitoring tracks your propane usage in real time, 24/7, so you have peace of mind that we know when to delivery your propane. Need emergency delivery service? We provide that, too!

We have years of experience working with construction and renovation businesses in Texas and New Mexico. Whether you’re renovating or building a single house, or are working on a large residential development, Pico Propane and Fuels has the knowledge and insights that come with that experience to provide you the propane services you need.

Ready to use propane to help your business grow? Contact Pico today to get started!