Exchanging & Refilling Your Propane Cylinders

Written on: September 6, 2021

Getting a Fresh, Full Propane Cylinder Is Made Easy With Pico!

grill tank refill texasWhether you are new to exchanging and refilling propane cylinders or have been doing it for years, there is always something new to learn about it. For instance, did you know there are actually two options available to you when you need a full propane cylinder? You can choose to exchange your tank out for a new one, or you can choose to refill that same tank you brought in. The question really becomes, which one is more convenient for you?

Exchanging Vs. Refilling Propane Cylinders

When you run out of propane, you need to refill the tank or exchange it. Refilling a cylinder is typically cheaper than exchanging one, so this strategy may be more advantageous for people on a tight budget and those who only use their grill occasionally.

Refilling propane cylinders is like refueling your car when you’re low on gas. You can continue to do so time and again, however, if that tank’s certification period has passed or it is in poor condition, it may not be refilled and you will have to purchase a new cylinder altogether.

On the other hand, you can simply return your empty propane cylinder and receive a new, full cylinder in return. While exchanging is more convenient for most people, it is also, on average, more expensive.

Deciding whether to refill or exchange a propane cylinder will depend entirely on what you value most, cost, or convenience!

Where Can I Get My Propane Cylinders Refilled or Exchanged?

There are dozens of locations around you that offer propane cylinder refilling and exchanging. However, for the safest and highest quality service, trust Pico Propane and Fuels with all your propane tank necessities.

We have 10 bottle docks located throughout Texas and New Mexico. Our team is experienced and has been refilling and exchanging propane cylinders for decades already!

Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

As useful as propane may be, it requires extra caution when cylinders are being transported and stored. There are certain safety measures you can take to transport and store propane cylinders safely:

Keep Your Tanks Upright. Always store and transport propane cylinders upright. Propane can escape from the tank and cause a potentially dangerous situation if it is not properly secured in an upright position.

Keep Away From Heat Sources or Direct Sunlight. Propane gas expands in heat. In order to prevent your propane cylinders from dangerous propane expansion, store them out of direct sunlight, as well as away from sources of heat, sparks, or open flames at all times.

Proper Ventilation. Never store a full tank in an enclosed area without ventilation; they should be stored outdoors when not in use.

Use Caution Around Both Children and Pets. Keep children away from cylinders and teach them proper safety protocols about handling them. When using your grill or other propane appliance that uses a cylinder, do not leave them unattended and keep children and pets away.

Get fast, affordable, and convenient tank refilling and exchanging services from Pico Propane all year long. Visit one of our 10 available locations nearby to refill or exchange your propane tanks today!