Why Is My Grill Tank Hissing?

Written on: July 3, 2023

Propane Grilling Safety Tips for Summer

hissing grill tank Albuquerque, nm One of summer’s pleasures is firing up the grill—whether you are serving weeknight chicken, corn and veggies, or a mess of burgers and dogs and ribs for a weekend crowd. All that grilling means you probably are pretty familiar with the workings of your propane grill. So when you hear a hissing coming from the connected propane grill tank, you will probably notice right away—and know that something isn’t right.

Safe, Not Sorry

The first thing to do is extinguish all flames–it may be a small leak. The good news, especially if it’s a hot, sunny day, is that the hissing sound you are hearing is because the pressure-relief valve is open.

Propane, which is stored as a liquid, will expand as it heats up. That’s why every propane storage tank—including the small portable cylinders you use with your grill, as well as the bigger tanks for your home—have a pressure-relief valve that opens as soon as the pressure reaches a specific point. The result is some hissing as the pressure is slowly released, preventing your tank from rupturing. (This is why propane storage tanks of any size are filled to 80% capacity, ensuring there is room for expanision.)

If the pressure-relief valve is open, do not try to close it. It will close automatically when the pressure returns to a safe level. You can help cool your tank by spraying it with cool water from a hose.

If the hissing continues, or it’s not a particularly hot or sunny day, you may have a leak . Disconnect the tank, place it in a well-ventilated area and let it empty out. Once it’s empty, you can return it. Do not transport a leaking propane cylinder.

Grill Safely

Before you get your barbecue party started, make sure you know these important facts about propane safety and how to protect your home and loved ones:

Pico has convenient locations across Texas and New Mexico to refill or exchange your portable cylinder. Having a spare means the grilling never has to end due to an empty tank.

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